Executive Leader Cohort

You are invited to a space where you can move from merely surviving in your executive role, to fully thriving! Join this 10 month journey of in-person monthly gatherings with a circle of Executive Directors and CEOs who have been in their positions for less than three years. Deepen your confidence and courage in your own leadership, develop and sustain positive organizational culture, and set goals for achievement that will make a tangible difference.

At a Glance

Who: You! Connect with a group of nonprofit Executive Directors and CEOs who have been in their positions three years or less.

What: Experience a trust-based collaborative cohort with a focus on truly owning your role as the executive for your organization while embracing best-practices for nonprofits.

When: Convene in-person once a month for 3.5 hours for 10 months.

Where: Exact location in Nebraska will be determined based on the participants in the cohort, with a priority of minimal travel time. There may be cohorts in in more than one community that run parallel.

Mission Matters strengthens organizations from the inside out, unlocking their potential to make an even greater impact.

Our experience empowers organizations to fully realize their mission through:

  • facilitation and strategic planning;
  • leadership development and coaching;
  • capacity building and organizational resilience;
  • as well as executive search support and transition planning.

What Will You Experience?

  • Fully understand all aspects of the Executive Director or CEO role for nonprofit organizations.
  • Create a personal leadership philosophy, identifying how you want to embody and be perceived in your role.
  • Cultivate your authentic voice as a leader to influence and engage with others in more meaningful ways.
  • Enhance problem-solving skills and navigate challenging conversations with the confidential support of a certified professional coach and consultant.
  • Learn to build productive relationships with board members and staff that center collaboration and agency success.
  • Gain perspective and knowledge from a cohort of peers.

How is this Unique?

While some courses focus only on the best practice operations of nonprofits, this experience embraces the belief that it is just as important to grow resilient leaders as it is to have strong organizations. The personal development of change-makers will help sustain missions that matter into the future.

Lynne Lange

Lynne LangeLynne has held Executive Director positions and served in board leadership roles for 30 years. She is a Certified Professional Coach, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and an Executive Scholar Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Chicago Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

“My passion is centered around cultivating and sustaining leaders who are the change-makers in our world. I truly see the challenges that come with carrying such demanding responsibilities and feel that no one should be on their journey alone.”

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