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At Mission Matters we strive to strengthen organizations from the inside out, and to unlock your organization’s potential so that you can make an even greater impact.  When you work with Mission Matters you can expect certified facilitators that bring research-based, applicable information and tools that will allow your organization to harness energy and propel your team forward.  


Mindset Matters

It is common to fall prey to scarcity thinking, but you have the ability to create a cup that is overflowing. Choosing to adopt a set of beliefs and way of thinking that embraces possibilities will create a positive future for your organization.

Strategic Planning Preparation Worksheet

Strategic Planning is an important and exciting process to ensure the forward growth of your organization.  Not only does it help you to collectively create the vision for the future, but it also ensures that your team identifies and works toward common goals. We have created this resource to help you consider many important aspects as you prepare for your strategic planning journey.

Board Ambassadorship pdf thumbnail

Board Ambassadorship Menu

Board Ambassadorship is one of the primary responsibilities of non-profit board members. This document provides a menu that elevates the mission of the organization and helps create clarity about what a board member can do to support the organization and the staff. Each board member should identify things that are meaningful to them personally and the mission of the organization.