What We Do

Mission Matters is a team of professional consultants and advisors who work alongside our clients in developing their organizational success. Our clients include businesses, nonprofits, philanthropists and social enterprises. Our customized services focus on coaching, leadership development, strategic planning, capacity building, meeting facilitation and board development. Our team will work with you to develop an effective approach to accomplish your goals.

Capacity Building

We work with nonprofit leaders and their boards to create strong and sustainable organizations. Powerful teams and organizations do not just happen. Designing for high performance starts with an understanding of the environment, the people and the processes, the path from current state to desired goals. We help you, your board and your staff create strong relationships and greater effectiveness in order to achieve higher impact in the community.

Practical Strategic Planning

We help you focus on developing a realistic vision, setting priorities, mitigating barriers, determining accountabilities and resource needs, and defining real-world outcomes. We work with you and your planning team to design a relevant strategic focus to ensure the strategic plan will be realistic, practical and visionary.


At Mission Matters we have two types of coaching: Executive Leadership Coaching and Implementation Coaching.

Executive Leadership Coaching is breakthrough coaching that unleashes your ability to lead teams, create transformational change and maximize your leadership potential. Through Executive Leadership coaching, we work with leaders to support transformations in mindsets, strategies and key issues. We help leaders to foster sustainable changes for organizations, teams and individuals.

Implementation Coaching assists leaders and boards to successfully implement a plan and remove barriers to desired outcomes.

We are CTI and ICF certified coaches who focus on results-based coaching. We provide structure and accountability to improve insight and action plans for future initiatives. We provide a space where leaders access their strengths and bring their greatest gifts to their leadership roles.

Meeting Facilitation

We customize meetings to help you meet goals, resolve issues, and maximize team engagement. Our facilitators are ToP and CTI trained and work with you to design a successful process. We facilitate meetings locally, regionally and globally

Focused conversations

We will work with you to design a focused conversation approach creating an environment where all group members participate in an active and dynamic discussion with clear ideas and conclusions. Focused conversations create a meaningful dialogue to move ideas forward.

Consensus workshops

Have you ever had a group where it seems impossible to come to a decision? A consensus workshop generates creativity and infuses the team with responsibility for the outcomes. It also builds practical team consensus to move big ideas forward.

Virtual Facilitation

Great meetings can now happen online with the use of various platforms. We will work with you to facilitate board meetings, work sessions and customized facilitations to help your organization span geography and create positive experiences for participants. Consensus building, information sharing, polls, voting can all be done virtually to help move your work forward.

Customized Projects

From specialized evaluation projects to team building to project planning and implementation, our consultants are ready to help you with creative, practical, quality approaches to achieve project success. If you have a unique organizational need we will work with you to co-create your customized project.