What Our Clients Say…

“During the Covid pandemic, when we switched from in-person meetings to virtual meetings, Mission Matters handled it very smoothly. Instead of just trying to recreate the meetings over Zoom, they redesigned them to make them match the new virtual environment. Our leadership team commented how our meetings might be more effective virtually than in-person.” –Brandon Day, Daycos

“Mission Matter’s strategic approach to helping the board of directors brainstorm and draw connections among a variety of ideas helped our group build consensus in its mission and direction.”

“It is amazing how Mission Matters can take a wide array of organizations and facilitate training that is relevant and pertinent to all involved.”

“Mission Matters is skilled at coordinating input from multiple levels within our organization, from the board to leadership to staff. They make people feel heard and link their ideas to the broader mission and strategies of the organization. We’ve had excellent staff buy-in through these processes and successful implementation.”

“Mission Matter’s has been great at offering me validation and space to reflect on and explore my strengths and contributions to our organization’s success.”

“Mission Matter’s insight and compassionate presence were incredibly well-received by our attendees. While the group included both fresh newbies and some seasoned professionals, Mission Matters managed to meet everyone where they were at and provide relevant information for all.”

“In the midst of the day-to-day grind, it’s easy to lose the vision and perspective that’s crucial in leading your organization forward. Not only did the team at Mission Matters help me grow as a nonprofit leader, they played a powerful role in helping me recapture my vision for our work. Since my time with Mission Matters, our organization has been undergoing nothing less than a total resurgence.”

“Mission Matters has far exceeded the Grand Island Community Foundation’s expectations in facilitating the Nonprofit Excellence Institute (NEI) program.”

“Mission Matters shared excellent resources for the group to be able to dig in deeper on their own.”